Game Rules

Every game has a set of rules and Rugby League is no different.


MINI FOOTY was first played in 1982 in ARL 7 Years competitions. It proceeded to the 8 Years in 1983 and completed an initial three year phase with the 9 Years in 1984. From 1985, all ARL competitions, for age groups 9 years and under, have played this modified form of RUGBY LEAGUE.

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The MOD LEAGUE game allows:

  • further time for the refinement of those game skills learned in the Mini Footy years;
  • an “interim period” for the introduction of elementary strategies and the responsibilities of positional play (i.e. more complex team skills); and
  • opportunities to develop an ability to more fully participate in team sport – sharing, helping and co-operating, while also developing individual personality and physique.

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A player in possession may be tackled by an in possession opposing player or players. It is illegal to tackle or obstruct a player who is not in possession.

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