Fitness and Nutrition

This page contains links to different information to help increase and manage the individual fitness of players.


Fluids and Carbohydrate intake during games

Exercise-science and sports-nutrition organisations have produced position stands or recommendations about the intake of fluid and carbohydrate during exercise. Typically, these guidelines target the requirements of sports involving prolonged continuous exercise, such as running or cycling, and are based on research of such exercise.

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Energy Systems

This very important area is often the least understood or completely ignored by some coaches when designing a fitness program for their athletes. An understanding of the various energy systems of our body and which one to develop for a particular sport is extremely important as if the wrong energy system is developed i.e. specificity, then the athletes performance will invariably suffer dramatically.

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Fueling Active Kids

It is important for the junior Rugby League player to eat well every day – not just on competition days or before a carnival. Active children need constant refuelling and cooling. Their nutrition needs are of great importance to their overall health, growth and development as well as to their sporting performance.

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Fitness Systems

There are many proven methods available for a coach to use when designing a fitness program to condition his players in the various ingredients of fitness specific to his particular sport. A knowledge of the different methods and a knowledge of when to use them during an athletes development towards peak fitness is of the utmost importance if a high standard of fitness is to be achieved.

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